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Agency as we are working on every platform that fit clients’ objective and goal. The combination between creativity and practical strategy is our way to work in order to bring best result in each different field. On the top of that, we trust in the power of the audience as Customer First is our core concept. So, our way is to adapt every source in the market to match with the goal. Trust this way? Learn more about what we capable of!

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How we work

Research & Analyze

As everyone has different situation, what we need to do first is to do the research. By this step we will learn about you, your target customer, and your current market situation.

To bring best analysis result, we still need to learn more about your competitor, what’s they do, what’s they perform and how the market thinks about them.

After we got all necessary information, we will find every possibility way to make all bad things turn good and make good thing much better.

Strategy & Planning

To shape whole project in the way that it should be, strategy and planning is very important. Without a good strategy, the goal might be fading away.

By based on clients’ objective, all planning composed of necessary things including Big idea, Core concept, Content strategy, Social media strategy, Engagement strategy and Advertising strategy.

As long as we follow the step that we plan with a proper timeline, things will go along the way. Beside this, adaptation is the key to success.

Creative & Production

In order to make things become more touchable, we put more detail on the creative and production to complete our plan.

Make your plan become more lively in the way that target audience want to see and blend it naturally with their behavior.

They will involve with the plan and can be another way to drive our plan even more success.


Promote is another way to drive the content to audience. Not every content will fit with everyone. So, we need to select the channel that match with the objective.

With a right group of audience which you define by their behavior and environment such as age, demographic, education, interested and etc.

We need to promote them to the right place or it will lose in the ocean of information.


After we reach the destination, we will do the summary report to see the overall performance of the campaign. Not only collecting the data, but summarizing to make our work become better.

As we can learn from the report, what is work or what is not. Key is to learn from the past and always adapt after we see things that we can do better.

Things go so fast what we will do is to go along with it.

knock Digital Marketing Services
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